Sports Chiropractic Care

Sports Chiropractic Care

Athlete holding low back in pain

As a sports chiropractor, Dr. Semlow has treated many athletes from a wide range of sports. Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury, having performance issues, or want to prevent injury, chiropractic care is an important part of keeping an athlete’s body in peak physical condition.

Semlow Family Chiropractic has the equipment and experience needed to keep you in the game. Athletes from all sports such as football, hockey, wrestling, golf, running, swimming, volleyball and cycling, understand the physical stress can misalign joints and cause pain and discomfort.

Schedule an appointment if you’re an athlete suffering from:

• Loss of Motion

• Developing Headaches

• Low Back Pain

• Muscle Pain

• Tendonitis

• Joint Pain

• Shoulder Pain

• Elbow Pain

• Wrist Pain

• Knee Pain

• Ankle Pain

• Food Pain

Don’t wait until you’re already in pain. Sports chiropractic care is a great resource to prevent damage from happening. Let us help you achieve your goals and schedule an appointment today.

I am a 40 year old competitive runner.  My back has been causing me trouble as I have gotten older.  Dr. Rick has helped keep me off the couch and on the roads.  His knowledge of the human body and how everything works together is outstanding.  He is excellent at listening to his patients to diagnose the situation so he can make the proper adjustments to get the body back to working like it should.

I have been to several chiropractors over the past few decades for multiple issues as a result of a lifetime of sports. Dr. Semlow has listened to my various complaints and has made it a point to attack each of them. Most chiropractors have good intentions for their patients, but Dr. Semlow has taken a personal interest in my treatment. He always asks questions regarding my individual ailments. He calls to check up on me between visits. This is someone who cares about his patients and their improvement. A+ service for sure. – Ryan O.

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