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Semlow Family Chiropractic | Pediatric Chiropractic Care
Semlow Family Chiropractic | Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric Chiropractic Therapy

A child’s overall health can be directly affected by stress and misalignment of the spine. Semlow Family Chiropractic offers gentle adjustments for children as young as infants, all the way through their teen years providing support for a healthy and successful childhood.

Stress and trauma for a pediatric patient can start as early as intense pressure during birth.  As a child develops, they will take many falls learning to crawl and walk.  These injuries can result in misalignment overtime, which can affect other aspects of a healthy nervous system function and development.

Pediatric patient common conditions: InfantAdjustment1


• Allergies or sinus infections

• Bed-wetting

• Colic

• Ear Infections

• Sensory processing disorder

• Sleep Issues

If you are concerned about your child’s spinal health, call Semlow Family Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation.

I have to admit that I was very skeptical of Chiropractic care for most of my life.  It was not until recently that I turned to a chiropractor for advice and help for my 2 year old daughter, Sydney.  Just before my daughter turned 2 we began to notice that her right foot often turned outward when she walked or ran.  Sydney, also had “knock-knees” which is a condition where the knees turn inward and almost knock together.  At her 2 year old checkup the pediatrician voiced concern about the right foot turning outward, but decided to just watch it over time.  My husband and I decided to talk to Dr. Rick Semlow about Sydney’s condition to see if he could help.  After Dr. Semlow examined her, he found that Sydney’s hips were out of alignment, which was causing the knock-knee condition.  Dr. Rick treated Sydney about 2 times per week for 1 month.  He worked to realign her hips and her foot.  After the first two weeks there was noticeable improvement in her foot.  Now, after a month, Sydney’s knock-knees are greatly improved and her slue foot is not even noticeable.  Another positive outcome that we attribute to her Chiropractic treatment is that her seemingly chronic morning cough has disappeared.  We are grateful to Dr. Rick Semlow that he was able to correct Sydney’s issues so quickly.  Dr. Semlow is great with children and really goes that extra mile to make both parents and child feel comfortable with that adjustment procedure.  Sydney never once whimpered or shed a tear when she was getting adjusted.  She actually loves to go there. – Stacy S.

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