Chronic Pain Therapy

Man suffering from chronic back pain

Chronic Pain Therapy

Chronic pain is ongoing pain that continues after a specific time frame, and does not respond to typical pain management treatments.  Semlow Family Chiropractic uses a variety of chiropractic techniques to address symptoms of chronic pain such as inflammation and muscle tension.

Before you can be treated we will need to know the exact cause of your pain.  After a thorough physical examination and additional tests as needed. Once diagnosed, we can develop a specific treatment plan for your chronic pain which may include spinal manipulation, manual therapies and therapeutic exercises.


Chronic Pain Conditions:Woman suffering from chronic neck pain

• Degenerative disc disease

• Herniated disc

• Sciatica

• Spondylosis

• Whiplash

Find relief from your chronic back pain by scheduling an adjustment with Semlow Family Chiropractic today!

I was suffering in pain from a car accident and had not bought in completely to chiropractic yet. However, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the fall of 2005 and was determined to find a natural alternative to cope and prevent exasperations.  I soon learned that chiropractic was the solution.  My M.S. treatment is without drugs and only includes regular chiropractic visits.  Adjustments from Dr. Rick have decreased my occurrence of exasperations significantly. Within one year from 6 to 2, compared to the increase of exasperations previously obtained each year without chiropractic.  Adjustments during exasperations of optic neuritis and numbness in my feet or legs have shown immediate results with symptoms of the episode disappearing within a few adjustments. I revealed my improvements to my neurologist during my last checkup and shared with him how I was managing my M.S. with chiropractic.  He appeared utterly amazed by the outcome and wondered what was done to achieve these results.  I simply stated with spinal adjustments and that the nervous system is affected by the spine. Furthermore, chiropractic has helped during my pregnancy.  Regular adjustments have alleviated morning sickness, migraines, and prevented foreseeable birth complications. Dr. Rick has become my primary care giver and will soon be that of the new addition to my family as well. Discovering the benefits of chiropractic has changed my life. – April G.

I have been a back pain sufferer for most of my adult life and had even been to see a chiropractor before.  I would only seek care when I thought I “needed” it.  On one of these occasions I came upon Dr. Rick based on a referral from a co-worker.  After my visit I immediately felt better, but more importantly than that Dr. Rick did more than just give me a quick fix.  He asked me many questions regarding my general health and lifestyle and based on our conversation he suggested a plan to improve my quality of life.  I sit at a desk for a living, play softball 2 nights a week, and I am 100% addicted to golf! All of these things tend to wreak havoc on anyone, especially someone with a history of back problems.  I started seeing Dr. Rick weekly for a few months and now down to seeing him every 2 weeks.  We have completely worked out some problem areas and I have never felt better!! I have more energy, I am hitting the golf ball farther, I’m more flexible, and I just plain FEEL better.  I used to doubt the need to see a chiropractor on a regular basis, but I am sold for life! – Jason C.

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